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目前市面上已经有很多机场(提供 SS/SSR 服务的网站),且不乏众多公益机场,这些机场因为拥有一些好线路的服务器,所以在使用的时候可以获得较好的突破网络封锁的体验。本文的初衷是规避使用机场时流量隐私泄露的问题——如何使用机场服务的同时不暴露自己的流量隐私。


Apache Web Server Hardening and Security Guide

The Web Server is a crucial part of web-based applications. Apache Web Server is often placed at the edge of the network hence it becomes one of the most vulnerable services to attack.

Having default configuration supply much sensitive information which may help hacker to prepare for an attack the web server.

The majority of web application attacks are through XSS, Info Leakage, Session Management and PHP Injection attacks which are due to weak programming code and failure to sanitize web application infrastructure.