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Spring 定时任务 No qualifying bean of type TaskScheduler available 及 Could not find default TaskScheduler bean异常处理

最近使用Spring + SpringMvc + Quartz的系统中,使用@annotation注解方式, 直接在类的方法上使用@Scheduled(cron=”0 /5 * * ?”)来实现定时任务,在使用debug日志级别时,启动提示 No qualifying bean of type TaskScheduler available 及 Could not find default TaskScheduler bean异常。可以通过配置日志级别进行解决。


由于本地环境的使用,所以搭建一个本地的Redis集群,本篇讲解Redis主从复制集群的搭建,使用的平台是Windows。为了使得集群在一部分节点下线或者无法与集群的大多数节点进行通讯的情况下, 仍然可以正常运作, Redis 集群对节点使用了主从复制功能: 集群中的每个节点都有 1 个至 N 个复制品(replica), 其中一个复制品为主节点(master), 而其余的 N-1 个复制品为从节点(slave)。

Pros and cons of end to end testing tools

My background in test automation is based on using Selenium WebDriver and Java. Since JavaScript has been widely used for testing web applications, I have decided to investigate tools currently available on the market. I will use these tools to make different scripts and hence find their advantages and disadvantages.

I have investigated the following tools and syntax for automation:

  1. Selenium Webdriver + Java
  2. Selenium WebDriver + Cucumber + Java
  3. Selenium WebDriver + Jasmine syntax for JavaScript applications
  4. Selenium WebDriver + Mocha syntax for JavaScript applications
  5. Cypress
  6. Selenium WebDriver + Protractor
  7. Selenium WebDriver + NightWatch
  8. Selenium WebDriver + WebDriverIO

3 ways to start Appium Server from Java

When you start learning Appium or start writing your first test script with it, your initial approach (especially from a beginner’s point of view) would be to start and stop the Appium server manually. Initially, a lot of people start working with the GUI based Appium versions.

GUI versions of Appium are easy to use, and users can easily start and stop the Appium server manually using the controls provided in the tool. After some time, many people would download and install the latest versions of Appium, which most of the times would be a non-GUI version. And its still relatively easy to start and stop the non-GUI version of Appium manually.

How to Run Java Program Automatically on Tomcat Startup

Recently I wanted to start my standalone Java Application on Tomcat Startup. Also found so many other related questions on net. i.e.

  • I need to run an application that can run automatically that when the tomcat starts..? any suggestions…?
  • how can I start my application by default on tomcat server start/restart?
  • Is it possible to edit tomcat startup services?
  • How to Start a service automatically when the tomcat starts